Dr Tara B
Tara is a lover of life, a mom, travel enthusiast with a soul-bit of wanderlust, a naturopathic physician seeing people by referral & would 💗 to hear from U.


You Have All You Need Within to Guide You. It Begins With You & It Ends With You.

LOVE! I am the last profile on the left side in this photo: https://www.margotanand.com/weddings/ Margot Anand has been one of my life long teachers. Both through her books since my early 20’s, & weeks learning from her directly as well as other weeks with her other main instructors; Lokita & Steve Carter. Margot is recognized as the lineage carrier for OSHO & by Deepak Chopra as the person who brought Tantra from the East/Asia/India; in an understandable format for people in Europe the USA & the world..

“Like YOU, Every Sunrise & Sunset are Unique” a Naples Fl Sunset by Dr. Tara Brooke

It is an evolutionary process on an exponential level (called Moore’s Law) with anything internet related; meanwhile — ‘you’ are the only YOU.

Dr Tara B

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